What's new?

mame 0.247
Friday, 2nd September 2022

The next Mame release is ready for Ubuntu Jammy 22.04, Focal 20.04 and Bionic 18.04.

I'll soon be forced to make room, so set for older, non-LTS distros will soon be deleted from repo. Be sure to get them if you need them!


MAME 0.246
Thursday, 4th August 2022

Lots of technical changes in this release, but many additions as well.

Impish 21.10 support has been dropped on Launchpad, so no more builds will follow. You can get Mame 0.246 for Ubuntu Jammy 22.04, Focal 20.04 and Bionic 18.04 in the download section.

Have fun with Mame!

MAME 0.245
Monday, 4th July 2022

The next Mame was out in due time, with a lot of work under the hood, and a significant change in the UI input menu.

Be sure to check the official Mame site for further info, then come back and get the packages for your Ubuntu box (Jellyfish 22.04, Impish 21.10, Focal 20.04 and Bionic 18.04 available).

Have a good time with Mame!

MAME 0.244
Wednesday, 1st June 2022

Latest packages are finally up for grabs!

This is a really important release to a die-hard fan of the ZX Spectrum like me, because it greatly improves timings allowing a more accurate high color and interrupts effects emulation (e.g. recent Nirvana games). Well done guys!

Enjoy Mame 0.244 for Ubuntu Jellyfish 22.04, Impish 21.10, Focal 20.04 and Bionic 18.04!

MAME 0.243
Friday, 6th May 2022

Wow! Ubuntu 22.04 is out, Mame 0.243 is out... but we're in with the new, shiny packages for Ubuntu!

Please have a look at the release notes as some minor regression is still under polishing, before hitting them squarely.

Choose your flavour from the download page and enjoy!