What's new?

Mame 0.251
Monday, 2nd January 2023

Happy new year!

These are busy times, I had no chance to check what the always brilliant Mame Team did on the latest release, so have a look yourself!

Package sets are ready for Ubuntu Kinetik 22.10, Jammy 22.04, Focal 20.04 and Bionic 18.04. Grab the one you need and have fun with Mame!

MAME 0.250
Wednesday, 7th December 2022

Yes, it's finally here!

You can grab it from the download page, ready for Ubuntu (Kinetik Kudu) 22.10, Ubuntu (Jammy Jellyfish) 22.04, Ubuntu (Focal Fossa) 20.04 and Ubuntu (Bionic Beaver) 18.04.


MAME 0.249
Sunday, 30th October 2022

The new shiny version of Mame is awaiting, ready for Ubuntu 22.10 (kinetic), 22.04 (jammy), 20.04 (focal) and 18.40 (bionic).

Be sure to grab your flavour, and enjoy!

MAME 0.248
Sunday, 2nd October 2022

Another full month slipped away faster than light, another Mame release is now up for grab!

Don't wait anymore and go to the download page to get Mame 0.248 packages for Ubuntu Jammy 22.04, Focal 20.04 and Bionic 18.04.


MAME 0.247
Friday, 2nd September 2022

The next Mame release is ready for Ubuntu Jammy 22.04, Focal 20.04 and Bionic 18.04.

I'll soon be forced to make room, so set for older, non-LTS distros will soon be deleted from repo. Be sure to get them if you need them!