What's new?

Mame 0.260
Thursday, 2nd November 2023

Packages for Mame 0.260 are finally available for Ubuntu Mantic 23.10, Lunar 23.04, Jammy 22.10 and Focal 20.04. Grab the appropriate set and have fun!

You may have experienced link disruption in the last few days. I'm sorry, I had some serious trouble reaching the server in the cloud to fix them. All is back to normal anyway.

MAME 0.259 for Mantic 23.10!
Wednesday, 18th October 2023

Now a specific package set for Ubuntu Mantic Minotaur 23.10 is ready!

Be sure to grab it if you have already upgraded!

MAME 0.259
Tuesday, 17th October 2023

It's finally here! The set of packages you were waiting for! You can grab Mame 0.259 for Ubuntu Lunar 23.04, Jammy 22.04 and Focal 20.04.


MAME 0.258
Thursday, 7th September 2023

I'm in a hurry, just grab and enjoy Mame for Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar), 22.04 (Jammy) or 20.04 (Focal) from the download section and enjoy!

MAME 0.257
Monday, 31st July 2023

Here we are, it's time for the new version of Mame!

There's some interesting bits these months, you should definitely have a look at whatsnew.txt.

Support for Kinetic 22.10 has been dropped by Launchpad, but you can find packages for Ubuntu Lunar 23.04, Jammy 22.04 and Focal 20.04.