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MAME 0.152
Saturday, 25th January 2014

It took some time but I finally found enough time to package it (Saucy 13.10, Raring 13.04, Quantal 12.10, Precise 12.04). I'm still not able to build it for (forthcoming) Trusty 14.04 though. Weird.

Mame 0.151
Saturday, 9th November 2013

Packages now available for Saucy 13.10, Precise 12.04, Raring 13.04 and Quantal 12.10. Enjoy!

Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander
Thursday, 17th October 2013

The next Ubuntu release is out, and a fresh build of Mame is ready for download. Enjoy!

Mame 0.150
Friday, 4th October 2013

Mame 0.150 is now available for Raring 13.04, Quantal 12.10 and Precise 12.04. As soon as Saucy 13.10 is released you'll find a specific build as well.

Speaking of Saucy, the official repository will offer 0.149. Alas, it's too late to upload 0.150 with final release due in a couple of weeks.

Mame 0.149u1
Thursday, 1st August 2013

The first intermediate release towards 0.150 is now ready for download for Raring 13.04, Quantal 12.10 and Precise 12.04.